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Property Photography


Make your first impression count!

82 % of buyers begin searching for their dream home online, your first impression may be no longer than a few seconds.

It's a home not a house.

A few quick snaps on your smart phone might cut it when you're selling your old sofa online, but when it comes to selling your home it requires a much more thought out and professional approach. Recent studies have estimated properties with professional photography can expect to achieve on average a 3% higher return, which in a economy like ours, should help convince you there worth having!

Selling your house can be a stressful process, and the last thing you want is someone traipsing around it taking pictures. So image your disappointment when you receive the photos and realise they are dark and gloomy and have cut out the beautiful view from your patio doors in your large open plan living room, because the photographer couldn't capture the complete perspective.

This is something we sadly see far too much in property listings. How can you protect yourself from this nightmare? Simple. Contact Helium.

We work closely with the estate agents and our clients throughout the process, ensuring that all parties are happy with our vision for their property. We want you to be as much or as little involved in the process as you choose to be.

Our specialist lenses and lighting techniques make sure that every inch of your house is captured and looks its best inside and out. That beautiful view from the patio, imagine how great it will look from they sky! Our aerial packages give buyers a unique view of your property from above. This allows them to really take in the scenery and see all that will (hopefully!) become theirs!