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Online Influencers

Customer engagement starts with great content!

We live in a changing world where businesses need to keep up with demands of social media and have to find more and more ways to connect with their customers on a personal level. My dog Ruby is the perfect example of this. Only a few years ago, the concept of online influencers, in particular animal influencers would be crazy! These aren't celebrities in the conventional sense, but they have the ability to be just as powerful in the online messages they promote.

Helium, through Ruby's Instagram, has had the opportunity to work with countless brands. Ranging from small boutique shops, through to large corporates such as Sony. The services we can provide are not only relevant to brands wanting to connect with Ruby, but also businesses who wish to increase the quality of their social content.

Have a browse of the images on this page, and hopefully you'll see that with a bit of personality, online advertising can really make a difference to your business!

There are endless photographs for you to scroll through onĀ Instagram.