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About me

Or should I say about us?

Helium Media is a small but expandable team giving us the ability to be able to take on projects of all sizes.

I'm Tom, the owner of Helium Media, it's not often you see me on this side of the camera. Here at Helium Media we pride ourselves not only on our attention to detail in our work, but also our project management skills and the wide variety of services we offer. Our aim is for you to have as little or as much input as you would like, allowing you the opportunity to be a part of the whole process should you choose.

Beyond work...

I'm a very keen cyclist with an unhealthy amount of determination.

I'm often found competing in endurance events or spending my time climbing a mountain with my trusty companion Ruby. I'll always jump at any opportunity there is to combine these passions with my work so am very rarely anywhere without a camera to hand!